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JINGHENG律所位于北约克核心地段,距离Sheppard Yonge 地铁站仅一步之遥。律所服务范围涵盖民商事诉讼及家庭法,提供中英双语服务。如有相关需求请发邮件到,拨打电话4373715849,或者通过本网站的网上预约系统预约咨询。

Jingheng Professional Corporation is conveniently located in the heart of North York, just steps away from Sheppard Yonge Subway Station. Our practice covers civil and business litigation, family law, wills & estate planning, and provides bilingual services in both English and Chinese. If you have any legal needs, please feel free to contact us at ,  call us at 4373715849 or use our online booking system.

Introducing our law firm

Our Areas of Expertise


​民商事诉讼(Civil & Business Litigation)


Jingheng provides effective solutions to  clients at reasonable prices. We understand the risks that come with litigation and we create specific plans for each client to ensure the protection of their rights. We value attention to detail and genuine cooperation with our clients, and we do not aim to lengthen lawsuits or increase fees but instead prioritize our clients' interests. If you're dealing with legal issues involving litigation, don't hesitate to contact our  professional litigation lawyer today.


Family Law

Family law matters can be emotional and stressful. Our lawyers understand the difficulties that come with these situations and provide compassionate and effective legal representation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your family law matter.


when preparing a will, you may need to consider many factors including taxation issues, Jingheng lawyer cooperate with accounting and taxation firm to provide professional advice regarding your estate.


Will&Estate Planning

我们提供富有同理心的服务,在客户人生关键时刻提供协助,帮助他们找到在特定情境下最有效的法律途径。We are empathetic to our clients and aims to assist them in a crucial moment of their life by helping to find the best legal solution in their situation.

Jingheng Professional Corporation

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